Player looking for a DnD 5e Group in English

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I (20, F) am a student and don't speak German that well, so I am looking for a DnD 5e group in English.

I have some experience playing 5e, currently playing in a campaign that has been running for 2 years. I also watch a lot of actual play shows and podcasts so learned some by osmosis. Enjoy preferably High Fantasy settings, but could play something else, more focused on RP and story than numbers crunching. Could play in person in the Dresden area or over discord.

  If more players are needed, I could ask some friends to join, but a DM is necessary.

Thanks! :D


Englisch ist zwar nicht meine Muttersprache, aber ich verstehe alles und spreche ganz gut. Allerdings habe ich nur als Spielerin Interesse, nicht als DM.

Ich habe noch keine Erfahrung als Spielerin, schaue aber seit Jahren Pen and Paper bei Critical Role und Rocket Beans. Falls Interesse besteht, gern bei mir melden.

LG, Franziska


It might be a long shot, answering to this old post. But Hey!
I just recently started DM'ming during my year abroad and I'm looking for a group of players here in Dresden.
I prefer playing english because it feels more natural and less cringy to me.
Let me know if you are still interrested  :D



I'm an old Pen&Paper hand with over 20 years of experience as a leader and player (AD&D, DnD 3.5, DnD 5E Pathfinder 1st). I'm currently still active as a player in a pen & paper group, but the dose isn't enough for me anymore. ;) Would bring experience in the field of miniatures and corresponding know-how in 3D printing and painting to the group. English is not my first language but I have no problems understanding speech and text. Speaking is still clumsy due to a lack of experience, but with practice...
I would be happy to see if it fits between us, if you are still looking for players.

Kind regards Daniel


Hi, i'd like to join if there would be a possibility (as player) but im 34 already incase thats a Problem :)